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Coach Hung

I supply the tools, you bring the commitment.

I have always been an athlete. Although scrawny all my life, I thrived on competition and challenge since my early teen years in Vietnam. After arriving to the States when I was 15 years old I jumped right into competing in high school wrestling. Following high school, I played collegiate rugby at the University at Buffalo for 4 years, throughout which I started to learn various methods of strength training for performance. After finishing college in 2013, I worked a year in corporate finance. The lack of passion I felt for my career was becoming unsettling. Prior to going to the office each morning, I woke at 4am with excitement and passion to lift and train. It was truly the highlight of my day.

Deciding a change was necessary I moved to Denver where I met Jessi, my now wife and business partner. She introduced me to a whole new world of knowledge as it pertains to health and fitness. It had always been a passion of mine, but seeing her pursue it as a career inspired me to reconsider the direction I was taking my life. I started to research different methods of training like “Periodization”  and began to understand the importance of compound movement training as a foundation to build a great natural physique.

After months of struggling with my ego, I finally let it go and learned about flexible dieting and proper nutrition. Just like any other skill, there were periods of trial and error. However, as the years passed I mastered the skill and become obsessed with teaching others. In 2016, I utilized flexible dieting and a balanced approach to training to successfully prep for the WBFF Fitness Competition. I went from 205lbs to 160lbs eating ice cream almost every night that prep and stepped on stage looking the best I ever have; and by some miracle, I placed second in the fitness model category!

My passion for health and fitness stems from the insecurity I harbored so many years and I knew that if I pursued teaching others how to find the confidence, strength, and health I have, I would live a purposeful life. After receiving my NASM Certification I began working with a wide range of clients from a dads, to professional MMA fighters, to sport specific athletes, to those just getting started in their journey.

My aim is to make sure our clients receive the best service and thus the best results by becoming empowered with evidenced-based information, strategies and methods for success regardless of their goal! We all start somewhere – it’s the courage to start and continuing pressing forward that matters.