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Jazzi Chadwick

“So much freedom from prep with SoBoss and I wouldn’t want to prep any other way!”

I have been with SoBoss since June 2016! I started right off the bat with the competition prep package. I was at a good place with my macros and was still losing some fat, so we started right away! I loved that about the program, the fact that Jessi wouldn’t do anything unhealthy and wanted to make sure my metabolism was up at the start.

I started my 15 week prep at 155lbs eating 145g of protein, 185g of carbs, and 62g of fat. I lost 20 pounds over that period and came in at 135lbs for the stage! Before peak week, I was eating 145g protein, 110g carbs, and 30g of fat. There was a point before my show where we knew I wasn’t going to be “stage lean”, and that it would be too unhealthy to get there. I was totally on board and still rocked it up on stage! I also did posing with Jessi and she was SO helpful in bringing out my spark and making sure I had everything down! I love how knowledgeable Jessi is and how she never made me do anything unhealthy during prep.

Currently I am doing a reverse diet with SoBoss. I started right after my show at 135lbs with 140g protein, 125g carbs, and 45g fat. 11 weeks later, I am at 143lbs eating 140g protein, 188g carbs, and 62g fat. The process of reverse dieting after a show is hard, but the support of everyone at SoBoss is so helpful! I love this team and company and I am SO thankful for Jessi and all that she does. I was able to live out my dream of competing in a show and doing it in the healthiest way I could. I was able to keep my sanity and eat what I wanted while getting the results I wanted. So much freedom from prep with SoBoss and I wouldn’t want to prep any other way!