Regardless of your fitness level, goals, or the challenges you face, we invite you to be apart of our community!

Alexis Farrell

“The transformation I have seen in myself and my body has exceeded all of my expectations.”

I began working with Jessi and team So Boss in June 2016 and the transformation I have seen in myself and my body has exceeded all of my expectations. Jessi was my rock and my cheerleader through this process and reminded me that there is more to life than just the physical. She helped encourage me to step outside my comfort zone and reconnect with my physical, mental and spiritual being. The team overall has a strong support system on Facebook that left no room for me to fall off track. The teammates provided constant encouragement and this community allowed me to connect with people all over the country (and world). I met new people who share similar goals and values, while also connecting with others who are different than me and help balance out my areas for improvement. The team is so genuine and inspiring; real people that want to jump in and lift you up. I feel like a new person after being coached by So Boss and I now have the confidence in my body to remind my mind that anything is possible.

So Boss is more than just a fitness community; they are a connection for me to discover my best self. Working with Jessi and the team has renewed the confidence in myself to chase my dreams, challenge myself in new ways and evolve into the best person I can be. This experience has opened my mind and created a more confident, positive and powerful me, who I never knew existed. I am forever grateful to Jessi and the team for helping lift me up after feeling low for so long. Finding truly genuine caring people, who want to help and encourage you, is so incredibly refreshing.

I had the pleasure of attending the SO Boss Retreat in May of 2017, which is a weekend spent in Denver, CO with the So Boss coaches and teammates. The goal is connection, education, self-love, empowerment and self-discovery. We shared countless memories as a team, shared personal stories and achievements, engaged in workshops, seminars, workouts, meals and too many laughs and tears to count! This was a weekend I will never forget. I left Denver feeling so energized, motivated and inspired to break through new boundaries and take on life with renewed positivity.

Thank you team So Boss